These Things Count as Exercise Too!

Euphoric woman hiking on a mountain
Photo by Danilo Ćalić on Unsplash

Sometimes when you spend too much time reading motivational Instagram comments, you get a little bit overwhelmed by all the messages of harder, faster, and more. You’re bombarded with the idea that you should be pushing yourself to your breaking point and then some. But this view can lead to burnout quickly and even harm your mental health in the pursuit of improved wellness.

Because while exercise is amazing, necessary, and great for you, it also comes in many different colors. Getting in your workout doesn’t have to mean pumping mad iron or running until you want to puke. In fact, there are lots of activities that count as working out or benefitting your mind and soul even without being the most intense of intense.


Guess what? Walking is exercise. And it’s a really, really healthy exercise at that. Just going for a 20-minute walk around the block can count as your workout for the day. It’ll be great for your heart and muscles, and it can help clear your head.

5 Push-Ups

Five push-ups are exercise. So is a five-minute run. So is one pull-up or five burpees. The point is that even doing a little bit of exercise is better than none. So if all you can fit into your workday is five push-ups, you’re still doing the dang thing.

The point here is that not every workout has to be crazy intense. Exercise doesn’t have to make you pass out to count. Do your best with the time and energy you have and it will be enough.