Thinking of Going Back to the Gym? Here’s How to Make it Safer

Over the past month or so, many gym and studios are starting to open back up. And while they’re opening up again, it’s important to be cautious about going back. We must note that gyms are a high risk area due to them being an enclosed shared space. At the same time, exercise is hugely beneficial for overall health and for many, going back to the gym is just what they need to get through the stressors of the pandemic. If you’re one of those people thinking about going back to the gym, here’s how to make it a safer experience.

Make Sure Your Gym is Following CDC Protocol

Your gym shouldn’t have more than your state’s allowed indoor percentage of people present and everyone should be wearing a mask at all times and staying six feet apart. The staff should also be wiping down surfaces constantly and doing temperature checks at the door.

Bring Your Own PPE and Sanitizer

When going to the gym, you should bring a mask and sanitizer to wipe down seats, workout equipment, and weights. If you can, bring your own equipment like yoga mats, jump ropes, and weights.

Go During Off-Hours

If you have the opportunity, go to the gym during off-hours like lunchtime or days when it’s not as crowded.

Attend Outdoor Fitness Events

Some gyms have moved their classes outside or have open-air facilities to allow better airflow. Being in an outdoor safe is much safer than in a closed space.