This Exercise is a Must before Lifting Weights

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Even if you work out like a pro at the gym by lifting heavy weights, chances are that you spend most of the hours of the day working on your computer, sitting in a chair. The results of such inactive lifestyle are the rounded hips, immobile flexes, rounded back and limited action of joints. This is because you are not doing adequate exercise before playing with weights at the gym.

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Big up the chest with dumbell presses.

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By doing a thoracic bridge exercise, one can increase flexibility and get into the groove of weightlifting. To carry on this mobility drill, sit on the floor with knees bent. Make sure that you are in a position where knees are bent and calves are touching hamstrings.

After this, start pressing away from the floor until your hips are extended. Do this without arching your lower back. When you stretch at the top, squeeze your glutes and reach across the body with free one arm. Repeat the exercise with the other arm.

While doing the exercise make sure that both feet are planted on the ground and that your hips are squared.

Do the exercise in two sets of 3-5 repetitions and you all are good to go with the real workout.

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Puppies & Yoga!

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