Three Abs Moves You Can Do Standing

standing abs
Image via belchonock/depositphotos

Sometimes, doing work on your abs on the floor or on a mat can cause strain and pain in places we don’t want to feel it. If your knees, wrists or shoulders are complaining when you’re attempting positions like a high plank, mountain climbers, or dead bugs, check out these joint friendly ab workouts that are all done standing up. You will need a small dumbbell, or use a tin of beans if you don’t have one.

Rainbow Arc

Standing with your feet hip width apart, gradually raise your right leg so you’re firmly planted on your left. Holding the weight in both hands, lift your arms up over your head. Keeping your balance, slowly move the weight from side to side in an arc motion. You should feel a tension in your core as it helps to keep you upright and balanced, and some stretching in your obliques when you bring the weight to each side.

Wood Chop

Standing with your feet hip width apart, take the weight in both hands and lift your hands so they are over one shoulder. You should feel a slight twist in your core. In a controlled motion, swing the weight down (in a motion as if you’re chopping wood) so your hands end up in line with your knees. Raise them up again, and repeat.

Side to Side

Standing with your legs hip width apart, bring your elbows in to your sides and hold the weight in both hands just below your sternum. Twist from side to side, making sure the movement comes from your core, and that you are using the weight to increase the intensity of the movement. This will work your obliques as well as your lateral muscles in your back.