Tips for Making a Great Workout Playlist

Music playlist
Photo by juan pablo rodriguez on Unsplash

One thing that can really help motivate you for a workout is a great playlist. Music can help improve our mood, make us get up on our feet, and inspire us to improve. So the music you listen to might make the difference between a great workout and an uninspiring one. Here are some tips.

Choose Music That Makes You Want to Dance

We all have that one genre of music that when it starts playing, we absolutely can’t control our bodies from moving along to the rhythm. This is the perfect type of music to listen to when you work out. Even when you start to get tired, having that intoxicating beat or melody in your ears will make it really difficult to stand still.

Match the Beat to the Intensity

You can use Google or Spotify to find collections of songs that all play to a specific BPM (beats per minute). Since you’ll likely naturally move to the beat, a faster song will make for a more intense workout and a slower song for less intense. You can customize your playlist to slowly amp up the intensity and then cool down.

Sound Effects

If you prefer to pretend you’re in a movie, you can also download playlists that make it sound like you’re running from zombies or a murderer in lieu of music. Now that’s motivating!