Top 3 Fall Activities to Do First Thing in the Morning

Photo by Brian Matangelo on Unsplash

Working out first thing in the morning comes with a long list of benefits, especially in the fall. Outdoor activities are more difficult to commit to because it tends to get dark outside pretty early. Luckily, there are many fun activities that you can fully enjoy in the morning.


If running happens to be your favorite pastime, you shouldn’t give it up in the fall. If the weather permits, you should go for a run first thing in the morning. Leaving it for later puts you at risk of skipping your run altogether because it will probably be too dark outside by the time you come home from work.


Swimming may not be the most obvious activity for fall because it’s a water sport, but if you have an indoor pool nearby you should give it a shot. Doing it first thing in the morning will help you start your day off right and give you the endorphin rush that you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for a fun activity to do on the weekend, hiking is your best bet. Heading to the mountains first thing in the morning isn’t only good for your mood, it’s also the most practical solution. The earlier you’re there, the better chance you have to make it home before you run out of daylight.