Try These Wellness Trends This Year!

Photo by Jaron Whelan on Unsplash

In 2020, health and wellness trends took center stage as we needed productive ways to cope with the pandemic. After finding excuses not to implement these self-care practices in our lives for years, we finally had the time to make these lifestyle changes. In 2021, these wellness practices will continue to be a huge part of our lives as we try and get through the pandemic. Here are three trends you should start incorporating into your lifestyle.

Mindful Eating

In 2020, we had more time to cook healthy meals, and many of us became home chefs. When cooking at home, we started paying attention to what we were eating. What you eat plays a huge role in your mental and physical health, so try and cut out processed foods and replace them with foods with nutritional value.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Now that you’re spending more time at home, you can finally try new healing techniques like using essential oils and drinking herbal teas.

Meditation & Breathwork

With gyms closed and visiting friends more challenging due to social distancing restrictions, it’s time to try other ways to manage your stress. Meditation and breathwork allow you to stay in the present moment and relieve any anxiety you are feeling. When trying these practices, remember to be patient and not to judge yourself as it takes time and patience to stay present.