Vitamin E Essence For Healthy Skin and Nails

Unhealthy and dry skin is a result of multiple unfavorable weather conditions that can affect the natural PH of the skin. It throws it off balance by bombarding it with dust and smog in the air that gets stuck in the pores. It’s important to take care of our skin especially when we start aging to prevent acne and other skin issues from arising. Vitamin E is a lifesaver for protecting the skin in many ways.

UV Protector

The sun can wreak havoc on our skin with its harmful UV rays. Counteract the sun’s damage by applying vitamin oil topically on top of your sunblock to help keep your skin protected and healthy.

Mix it With Other Vitamins

Make sure your skin gets the complete vitamin blast from other vitamins such as D, B, C, and K because it isn’t enough just to apply Vitamin E. While you can apply vitamin essence and serums before the application of your creams, try ingesting it with a meal too to receive optimum benefits from this awesome product.