Ways to Incorporate Resistance Bands Into Your Workouts

Resistance bands
Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Resistance bands are a piece of exercise equipment that is much more affordable, easier to store, and lighter in weight than most other types of workout gear, making them a perfect choice for at-home workouts. But if you’re not quite sure what to do with your new resistance bands, here are just some ideas for ways you can incorporate them.

Use Them as Resistance

The main function of resistance bands is as, well, resistance. Instead of weights, you can use resistance bands in strength workouts to help make your muscles stronger. There is a huge variety of resistance exercises you can do with resistance bands, targeting pretty much every muscle group you can think of.

Use Them for Stretching

Another benefit of resistance bands is that you can use them as part of flexibility and mobility training. You can think of them sort of like a yoga strap, helping you to achieve stretches that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise and get deeper into stretches you can already do.

Use Them for Recovery

Resistance bands are a common tool in physical therapy because they’re really good at rehabilitating muscles and tendons that have been injured or damaged. If you have any injuries that you need help healing, resistance bands are a great way to do so.