We’re Loving “POPSUGAR Fitness” Videos Right Now

Being unable to go to the gym or studio, has opened our eyes to all the YouTube exercise videos out there and we’re hooked on Anna Renderer’s POPSUGAR Fitness channel! There’s something for everyone—HIIT, Tabata, boxing, pilates, Zumba, Barre, Dance Cardio, Booty Shaping, etc. You’ll get your sweat on alongside the fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. These are the 30-minute workouts we’ve been getting into.

30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout

Get your cha-cha on with this 30-minute Latin dance workout hosted by Nicole Steen, a cardio dance expert at Equinox. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re exercising. By the end of this video, you’ll be ready for Carnival in Brazil.

A 30-Minute Tabata Session to Burn Some Serious Calories

For those of you who want to get your heart pumping, this Tabata workout is one of the hardest workouts we’ve tried. Hosted by Equinox trainer Rainier Pollard, the exercise alternates between 20 seconds of intense bursts of work and 10 seconds of rest in rounds of four minutes. Get ready to work hard and feel the burn!

30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio & HIIT Workout

Le Sweat founder Charlee Atkins teaches this no-equipment full-body workout that has three circuits guaranteed to get your heart rate up and you’re thighs aching. 30-minutes will pass by before you know it and you’re body will feel sore the next day.