What Physical Activity is Best for You

Photo by Tomasz Woźniak on Unsplash

A recent research conducted in China, published in PLOS Genetics magazine, showed that there’s one activity that’s especially helpful for people who are prone to weight gain but want to stay fit. It’s jogging, and the activities that follow it are mountain climbing, walking, power walking, some types of dancing, and some types of yoga.

Surprisingly, activities like stretching, swimming, and cycling don’t have the same effect. The researchers got these results after asking 18,424 people from China, aged 30 to 70, to share their exercise routines. Then they compared their exercise diaries with their genetics.

These results are not definite and applicable to every single person on Earth. If the only activity you like/can practice is cycling or swimming, that’s still much better than doing nothing. But if you’d like to change your exercise routine, the activities this research found helpful can serve you as a starting point on your new journey.

Do you believe that jogging is the best way to keep the excess weight off?