What to Do With Your Hair During a Workout

Woman working out
Photo by Anastasia Hisel on Unsplash

Hair can be a fun way to express yourself, especially if you usually wear it down or over your face. But when you work out it may become kind of a hassle, getting in your eyes, making your face and neck sweaty, or even getting caught in workout equipment! Here’s how to get your hair out of the way for different styles and activities.

Wrap it in a Bun

If you have long hair and you work with equipment or around other people, a ponytail may not be enough. Long hair can still get caught in equipment or your clothing. If you take a workout class or otherwise work out with people around, you even risk whipping other people in the face when you jump or turn your head! Put it back in a not-too-tight bun to keep you and your fellow gym-mates safe.

Invest in Clips

If you have bangs or hair that falls into your face, you’ll probably want to clip it back. A really good headband might also do the trick, but headbands tend to migrate backward with movement. Especially if you have short hair that you can’t put up, clipping your bangs back from your face is a sure-fire way to keep them where you want them.

Braid It (If You Use a Helmet)

If your workout of choice involves putting something on your head like a hat or a helmet, a ponytail or bun will make getting it on difficult. A braid is the perfect way to keep your hair back with something else on your head. You can also do a French braid to keep it tight!