Why Exercising in Cold Weather Can Cause Injuries

Running outside
Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

We’re entering the time of year when exercise done outdoors is likely to be done in the wet and cold. While some people don’t mind this, and there is plenty of equipment and gear out there to protect you from the elements, exercising in cold weather can cause injuries. Read on for tips on how to avoid winter weather injuries.

Slipping on Ice

If you’re a runner, one of the big risks is slipping or twisting on ice. This is made worse if you go out in the dark, as icy surfaces can be harder to spot then. Invest in a pair of running shoes with excellent grip, and check the weather before you head out on a run. If it seems likely to be icy, consider a session on the gym treadmill instead.

Muscle Pain

If you exercise in the cold without warming up first, you are at higher risk of muscle strain or tear. Wear thermal exercise gear if you are prone to muscle pain and make sure you do some dynamic stretching inside before venturing into the outdoors. 

Protect Extremities

Even if you don’t injure a major muscle, your exposed extremities such as ears, nose, and fingers can suffer from cold exposure if you are outside for a long time. Make sure you have good quality cold-weather gear, including gloves, a hat, and a scarf. This will help keep all parts of your body warm and reduce the risk of injury.