Why You Want to Include the Cossack Squat in Your Strength Routine

Photo by SUNDAY II SUNDAY on Unsplash

If you are looking for ways to mix up your lower body exercises, then it’s time to add in the Cossack squat. This is a low-impact, mobility and strength exercise that will work wonders for your hips and lower back. The Cossack squat is a lateral exercise that you do by squatting down on one leg while extending the other leg out to the side.


Whilst most lower body exercises work on moving your body forward or backward, not many of them work on the frontal plane of motion. Since the Cossack squat involves moving side to side, it can help prevent muscle imbalances and train the body in different directions that what it is used to with squats and lunges.

The Cossack squat also supports hip mobility as it opens and strengthens the hip joint. As you go down and up, you flex and extend the hip on the working leg. Your hip adductors on the extended leg will also receive a good stretch with the movement.

This squat will also keep your joints safe as it is really low impact and is done mostly with body weight. It also works on all your lower body muscle groups, especially the gluteus medius and your obliques.