Workout Or Go On a Date? Why Not Do Both?

Go on a date or workout? Well, the answer is simple: Do both! We present to you three activities you can do with your significant other.

Ride a Twin Bike

It may sound ordinary, and not fancy at all, but riding a bike is great for your whole body, especially for your joints. You can rent a tandem bicycle if you want to add that romantic vibe. A workout and a romantic date…Do you need more?


Spending time in nature has so much great benefits to offer to your body. Hiking the nearby mountain is the perfect way to spend the weekend outdoors. You can bring food for a picnic and enjoy the beautiful view while soaking the vitamin D and breathing the fresh air.

Water Volleyball

Who doesn’t love a sunny beach day? Well, we sure do enjoy it. But, there are other alternatives to sitting and tanning all day. Grab your ball, and hop in the water if you want to stay in shape. A good volleyball match or two will burn all the calories you wanted to get rid of.