Your Guide to the Methods of Strength Training

Strength training isn’t all about lifting weight and getting stronger, it can help you run better, decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke, improves mental health, and prevents osteoporosis. There are tons of ways to strength train depending on the setting and equipment. These are the four main methods.

Bodyweight Moves

These exercises use your bodyweight to support your movements. They include pushups, planks, and squats and they’re a great way to increase your strength without any equipment.

Free Weights

When most people think of weightlifting, they think of free weights like dumbells and barbells. They allow a full range of motion for developing functional strength.

Resistance Bands

Like free weights, resistance bands also allow for a full range of motion and because they don’t rely on gravity. There are a bunch of exercises you can do that include pushing and pulling.


Machines often have diagrams showing you how to use them, which makes them easy to use. They can help isolate muscle groups and encourage proper form during lifting. But, they’re often less functional as the strength doesn’t always apply to other activities.