3 Amazing Pilates Moves For Stronger Legs

If you’re one of those people who’d rather skip a leg day because it’s too boring and demanding, giving pilates a try could change your mind. Start with these three fun exercises that will get your legs into an amazing shape.

Leg Circle

Leg circles are one of the best core exercises on the market. They are amazing for your quads and hamstrings, and even promote a healthy hip joint. In order to do them correctly, you must master the art of keeping your entire torso controlled and perfect the breath and movement pattern.


Criss-cross is one of the most popular pilates exercises, but it comes with its own set of challenges. You should give it a try after perfecting other basic moves, since it can do an amazing job with training your entire core, including your abs and lower back.

Scissor Kick

Scissor kicks are perfect exercise for everyone who’s trying to work their core and improve flexibility at the same time. In addition to helping you get stronger legs, this move also targets the upper and lower abs, allowing you to flatten the belly in no time.