3 Bad Fitness Habits to Leave Behind in 2021

Weighed hula hoop
Image by yellow2j/Depositphotos

We all have certain habits that we abide by, but some of them are worse than others. If you’re embracing the “New Year, new me” approach in 2022, here are three fitness habits that you should leave behind in 2021 because they’re doing you more harm than good.

Questionable Fitness Challenges

Before taking part in viral fitness challenges, put a little effort into learning more about them and seeing if they’re a good fit for you. 12-3-30 workouts and weighted hula hoops became a true sensation on TikTok last year, but their effectiveness was brought into question and that reminded us to think twice before taking on viral challenges.

Fad Diets

Fad diets are another thing you might be tempted to try due to their popularity, but probably shouldn’t. We should all strive to eat healthier in 2022, but there’s no need to take drastic actions, starve yourself, or revamp your diet overnight to make this happen.

Comparing Yourself to Others

The only person that you should be competing with in fitness and in life is the past version of yourself. Comparing yourself to others will do you no good because we’re all on a different journey and you may have a warped picture of others in your head because of social media.