3 Barbell Mistakes Ruining Your Strength Training

Woman doing deadlifts
Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

Some gym mistakes like forgetting to warm-up or cool-down and returning the dumbbells to the wrong rack won’t completely ruin your workout, but others like making mistakes with barbells can be dangerous. Barbells often hold lots of weight and if you do exercises incorrectly you’re at risk for serious injuries. Here are three common barbell mistakes to avoid and how to fix them.

Placing Your Hands Unevenly

While it may not seem like a huge deal, placing your hand on the bar unevenly, means the weight won’t be balanced. This can result in the bar tipping or falling to one side, ruining your form and leading to injuries. To make sure your hands are placed evenly, use the ridges on the barbell as a guide.

Not Securing the Weight Plates

Always secure the barbell with weight collars. Even though it may not seem important, it’s dangerous because they can slide while you’re lifting. No matter the weights you’re lifting, secure them with the collars.

Not Wrapping Your Thumbs Around the Bar

Many people grip the bar with the thumb alongside the index finger instead of wrapped around the bar. The positioning may be more comfortable on your wrist, but it’s risky because the weights can fall out of your hands. Make sure to wrap your thumbs completely around the barbell.