3 Benefits of Hip Thrusts Beyond Building Glutes

Woman doing hip thrusts
Image by Maridav/depositphotos

It’s pretty well known that if you want to build your glutes, hip thrusts are one of the best exercises to do so. But besides for getting a better butt, there are many reasons why you should be doing hip thrusts. Here are three benefits to the exercise that aren’t about building your glutes.

All Fitness Levels Can Do Them

Hip thrusts are great for all fitness levels and unlike deadlifts and squats, they require less core stability, balance, coordination, and spinal extension strength. You can also tailor the exercise by using a dumbbell or barbell. Once you’re more comfortable with the exercise, add weight or slow the tempo down.

Gentle on the Spine

While deadlifts and squats are great for the glutes, they put load on the spine, which can put you at risk for injuries. Older adults and those with back injuries can do hip thrusts to train their lower body while still being gentle on their lower back.

Lots of Variations

There are tons of variations to the exercise like adding a mini band around your thighs, just above your knees or doing a single-leg thrust. Choose a variation based on your training goals.