3 Benefits of Hot-Weather Workouts

Woman playing tennis
Photo by Mo Saeed from Pexels

Once it starts getting hot outside, many people move their workouts to the gym. But working out outside has some health perks and it can improve your overall fitness. Are you ready to start sweating? Here are three benefits to exercising outside when it’s hot as well as ways to get the most out of hot-weather workouts.

Increases Endurance

Repeatedly exercising in the heat forces your body to adapt and cool off so you don’t overheat. Your body retains the fluid it needs to deliver oxygen to your muscles, making intense workouts feel easier. To increase your endurance, try a HIIT beach workout, which is fast and will get your heart rate up while building a sweat and allowing you time to recover.

Strengthens Your Heart

Not only does exercising in the heat improve your body’s cooling system, but it allows your heart to pump more blood with each beat, lowering your resting heart rate. To get your heart rate up, walk, run, or play pickup games with friends.

Burns More Calories

In the heat your body has to work harder, so you’re burning more calories than the same workout would in cooler weather. Just make sure you do a workout you enjoy because when it’s hot, you’ll get tired quicker and you’ll be more tempted to take a shorter workout. A great workout that will burn lots of calories is a bike ride.