3 Drinks That Will Keep You Hydrated This Summer and 2 You Should Avoid

During the summer, it’s important to stay hydrated. But, drinking the recommended amount is really hard, especially when you don’t like water. Water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. Here are three drinks to stay hydrated and two that will dehydrate you.

Best For Hydration


Water is your best option as it’s calorie-free and readily available. Try making your water more interesting by adding fruits, vegetables, and herbs to it.

Sports Drinks

If you’re an athlete or just enjoy getting a good sweat session in, sports drinks replenish your electrolytes while keeping you hydrated. Just read the labels to avoid drinks with artificial flavors, added sugar, and sweeteners.

Tea or Coffee

Sometimes we need a boost of energy and that’s what tea and coffee are great for. Go ahead and enjoy an ice tea or ice coffee the next time you’re feeling sleepy.

Worst For Hydration

Energy Drinks

There’s nothing good in energy drinks as they have tons of ingredients you can’t pronounce and they’re full of added sugar. Instead, drink tea or coffee for an energy boost.


Everyone who’s had a nasty hangover knows how dehydrating alcohol is. If you’re going to drink it, make sure you’re also drinking lots of water with your alcoholic beverage.