3 Great Reasons to Try Crossfit

Box workouts
Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash

In recent years, Crossfit has become a well-known and well-respected way of staying in shape. It’s known for being very intense, and it has even been called dangerous by some (it’s not, but it’s important to practice in a regulated environment with experts and safety precautions in close proximity). Crossfit has lots of health benefits and here are three reasons to give it a try.

Measurable Results

The nature of Crossfit workouts is such that you can see yourself improving from the first session to the last. For example, workouts that ask you to do as many reps as possible in an allotted time slot allow you to count the number you can do on day one, day 10, day 20, and so on and see that you’re able to do more as time goes on.

It Saves Time

Crossfit classes are definitionally short and high-intensity. That means it’s less of a time commitment, making the classes easier to commit to than longer low-intensity workouts. In surveys it was also found that short high-intensity workouts are more enjoyable for more people, so you’re also more likely to keep coming back in that regard.

Teacher-Student Ratio

Crossfit classes tend to be pretty small, even half the size of normal fitness classes. That means you’ll get plenty of individualized help from the coach, so you can make exactly the gains you’re personally shooting for.