3 Inspiring Sports Movies to Add to Your Watch List

Rachel Saanchita Gupta in
Rachel Saanchita Gupta in "Skater Girl"

We all deserve some downtime in between work and workouts, so why not spend it getting an extra dose of motivation with these inspiring sports movies? With tales of resilience, courage, and endurance, add these uplifting titles to your watch list for your next movie night. You definitly won’t regret watching these sports movies.

The Swimmers

Directed by Sally El Hosaini, this 2022 movie tells the incredible true story of sisters Yusra and Sarah Mardini who flee war-torn Syria and make a perilous journey where their champion swimming skills are tested to the max. Catch it on Netflix.

Skater Girl

Directed by Manjari Makijany, this rebellious coming-of-age tale follows a young girl in rural India choosing between society’s rigid expectations and her dream of competing in the National Skateboarding Championships. Catch it on Netflix.

King Richard

Based on the true story of how Richard Williams propelled his daughters Venus and Serena on their path to tennis stardom, this 2021 movie directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green is about family, perseverance and faith. Catch it on Apple TV.