3 Reasons You Should Work Out With Your Kids

Yoga with kids
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

While working out alone might be your escape from the kids, it’s super beneficial to work out with your kids too. We’re not saying you shouldn’t workout away from your kids, but incorporating exercise with the kiddos is a great way to help them build healthy habits and it’s fun! Here are three reasons why you should start working out with your kids.

It Models Healthy Behaviors

Every kid loves copying their parents’ actions (or words). One of the most effective ways to improve your kids’ habits is by modeling it yourself. If you’re always going somewhere else to work out, your kids won’t see it for themselves. Working out with them shows them that this is important to you, and hopefully it can become important to them as well! 

Less Screen Time

Working out is a great excuse to get them away from a screen. Not only is it less screen time for the kids, but it also takes you away from a screen as well! It’s a win-win situation.

Builds a Strong Bond

Doing activities with your kids (especially away from a screen) is undoubtedly a great way to bond. Being able to share an activity that you love with them can help deepen this connection and build a healthy relationship.