3 Standing Workouts From Chloe Ting That You Should Try ASAP

Image via chloe_t/Instagram

Standing workouts have been going pretty strong in recent months, and Chloe Ting seems to love them as much as the rest of us. She recently shared a few pretty epic standing workouts with the world, and here are three that you should try ASAP.

Standing Abs Workout

Standing abs workouts experienced a true boom recently, becoming extremely popular with people struggling with back pain who still want to get an epic six-pack. Ting is one of many fitness vloggers who created several standing ab workout videos, featuring no planks or floor exercises.

Standing HIIT Workout

HIIT workouts are one of the staples of Ting’s YouTube channel, and there’s something that separates this one from all the others. All exercises can be performed standing up, but that doesn’t necessarily make this workout hard on your joints because she included low-impact variations for all exercises.

Standing Full-Body Workout

If you’re looking for an intense standing workout that will activate all the muscle groups that you’re trying to target, this one fits the bill. It’s a full-body HIIT workout that can give you a quick sweat session and help you burn some major calories in just 10 minutes.