3 Tips for Embracing Body Positivity This Summer

Body positive
Photo by AllGo - An App For Plus Size People on Unsplash

Summer is certainly the most exciting season, but it can be triggering for people struggling with body image. We’re bombarded with tips on how to lose weight and achieve a “bikini body” from all sides, but you can resist these harmful messages by doing your best to embrace body positivity this summer.

No Comparing

In the age of social media, we all tend to compare ourselves to other people every once in a while. This is the main reason why summer can be so triggering, but it’s important to realize there’s more to life than social media and that no one is as perfect as they seem.

“Bikini Body”

You’ve probably seen countless motivational posts suggesting you only need to do two things to achieve “bikini body”—have a body and wear a bikini. The concept of a perfect “bikini body” is pretty toxic and unrealistic, and now’s better time than ever to ditch it for good.

Focus on the Good

Instead of counting calories and obsessively tracking the numbers on your scale, try to focus on good things that you already have going for you. Every body is beautiful and unique in its own way, so try wearing clothes that celebrate your unique shape and personality instead of trying to look like everyone else.