3 Tips for Staying Energized During a Workout

Fuelling up
Photo by LyfeFuel on Unsplash

Longer workouts can sometimes be hard to power through, especially if you haven’t prepared your body properly to keep up with the prolonged strain. If you tend to feel your energy levels dropping after only half of your workout, here are some tips for keeping yourself energized the whole time. Remember to always listen to your body, though, and to rest if it’s telling you to rest.

Eat, Drink, and Replenish Properly

If you reach for sugary snacks when your blood sugar is low and coffee when you’re sleepy, that may be contributing to your low energy levels. Processed sugars will give you energy briefly and caffeine might wake you up, but they can’t stand in for actual energy-giving nutrients. Instead, try eating light meals before you work out that are high in whole grains and protein. Don’t forget to drink water throughout since hydration is important for energy as well, and you might benefit from replenishing your electrolytes with supplements or sports drinks too.

Ween Yourself Into It

If you’re going straight into a heavy-duty workout the first time you try, you’ll most likely get tired pretty fast. Instead, train your body to be awake and ready for a workout at a specific time of day by consistently working out at that time slot. Then, slowly increase the intensity as you develop more stamina.

Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes, the most obvious solution is the right one: if you’re tired, maybe you just need more sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect your performance in every area and is crucial to health and wellness, so make sure you’re getting as much sleep as you actually need.