3 Yoga Poses That Are Actually Kinda Risky

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Yoga is often considered to be a safe and relatively easy practice, but anyone who’s tried doing yoga at least once knows how important it is to be careful. Staying safe while practicing yoga is very crucial, especially with these risky poses.


Although it offers a variety of health benefits such as alleviating stress and boosting digestion, headstand is an advanced yoga pose that’s also associated with certain risks. It can lead to back pain, neck, and shoulder injuries, so make sure to work with your yoga teacher in order to do it as safely as possible.


Shoulderstand may seem easy at first, but it’s actually one of the riskiest poses in yoga because it can lead to multiple neck injuries if not done correctly. To avoid this scenario make sure to listen to your yoga instructor and use modifications if you feel any discomfort.

Standing Forward Bend

Stretching your hamstrings is pretty important and this pose will help you do it, but it can lead to injury if you force your body into a deeper bend. Make sure to listen to your body and find the fine line between opening your hamstrings and over-stretching them.