4 Exercises For Fuller Legs

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

If your main workout program is muscle building, you must ensure that you train all parts of your body. No matter how much you build or diet, neglecting the lower body will result in an unbalanced physique. Some unconventional exercises for fuller legs include:

Weighted walking lunges

This is basically lunges but with a different starting leg. Instead of using your front leg to step back to the starting position, you step forward with the rear leg. This puts more pressure on the quad muscle. You can add weights to increase resistance.

Elliptical HIIT

This machine works on the legs as well as the arms. HIIT promotes muscle growth, and this cardio form can build your legs. You can make it more intense by releasing the handles and letting your legs do all the work.

Dumbbell step-ups

Step-ups are effective when it comes to maximizing tension in the legs. When you add dumbbells, it increases the intensity and produces more results. It is done by placing a leg on the aerobic step and stepping up on the step with the front leg muscles. Make sure you alternate your legs from time to time.

Jump lunges HIIT

This HIIT exercise is built to work on the quads and support the muscles in a short time. Start by entering a normal lunge position and jumping up. Switch your legs in a scissor fashion and land in the lunge position on the other side.