4 Tips For Setting Achievable Goals

Goal setting isn’t just for New Year’s. As we’re already halfway through the year, it’s time to reevaluate your New Year’s goals and to make new ones. By focusing your goals on just a few areas, you can create smaller more manageable goals, that are easier to achieve. Here are four tips to help you get started with goal setting.

Find a Clear Direction

When you set goals, you need to find ways to make changes to your lifestyle to achieve them. By creating steps to achieve your goals, it’s easier to stay on track with them and to remember why you were motivated to choose the goals to begin with.

Energizing Function

Choose a goal that’s difficult, but still realistic. By reaching high, you’ll put more effort to achieve the goal.

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Give me a thumps up if you need extra SELF LOVE right now? ❤️  When I was 20 I don’t know what self-love mean or how to get it…I actually punish myself chasing perfection, over exercice at the gym, drinking in parties on the weekend, going bed late and eating crap…I was pushing myself in a job I didn’t like and dump myself more and more… until 10 years later the body says that’s enough and I end in hospital like a lot of you know already my history…  Now I can say being there suffering health issues was the best gift✨Maybe sounds crazy 😆 but I am so happy of this low point in my life because was the awakening ✨ I needed to really implement massive changes in my life.  I remember i start writing a list in the hospital ✍️ I call it -my self-care-check-list and I wrote all the things light me up ✨things good for my body and soul ✨I still have that list on my desk is being 10 years every day I do something is on the list, I want to share my list so you & you can get inspiration and make your own ✍️  ✔️Meditate in the morning for 30 min ✔️Walking on the beach or in the forest for one hour ✔️Reading in bed a good book ✔️Getting a massage of 90 min ✔️Having a 45 min bath with Epson salts & my favourite essential oils doTERRA ✔️Listening my favourite music and dancing in the living room ✔️Having my breakfast in bed in the weekend ✔️Writing in my gratitude Journal ✔️Cooking a new recipe with organic fresh ingredients ✔️2 minute cold shower in the morning (I love it!) make me feel alive 😁💪  ✨As a mental health expert I remind you:  💫Take care about your beautiful self ❤️ 💫Honour your mental and spiritual health ✨ 💫Honour your soul ✨ 💫The world, your kids, your partner, friends, family and parents deserve the BEST version of you! And I know for my own experience for give to them the best you, YOU need to fill yourself up first with the things light you up! 💫Start today loving yourself everyday even more & light up your beautiful soul  ❤️I love you guys share with me in the comments what is the favorite self care routine you love to do? Promise me you gonna do at list one ☝️ thing everyday from your self-care checklist!  Love you ❤

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When you have specific goals, you’re more likely to be persistent to reach them. Set goals within a time frame to help you overcome the obstacles needed to reach the goals.


Setting goals can help you figure out what excites you on your wellness journey. Try new strategies for reaching your goals until you find one that works best for you and motivates you to keep going.