5 Scenic Running Trails You Have to See to Believe

Photo by Matt Gross on Unsplash

During winter, most of us ditch running trails for a treadmill because it’s too cold outside – but we can still fantasize. Here’s a couple of routes with break-taking views to think about when your treadmill workout gets too boring.

Four Pass Loop

When a trail is 27.1 miles long, it brings many ups and downs along the way, but it also gives you an opportunity to pick the perfect running spot.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

If you’re a true adrenaline junkie, running at the Red Rock State Park is a must – and what better place to do it than the infamous Devil’s Bridge Trail.

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Kalalau Trail

Hawaii is probably on your must-visit list already, and so should be Ha’ena State Park. If you’re looking for a challenging run, Kalalau trail runs along the Nepali coastline and it’s 19.1 miles long!


Cascade Canyon Trail

Grand Teton National Park is filled with dozens of amazing running trails, but none of them beats to beauty of Cascade Canyon Trail. If you enjoy bird watching, this 4.5-mile long track is the perfect match.

Mount Fremont Trail

This rocky 1.4 mile-long trail is the best Mount Rainier National Park has to offer. It terminates at the Mt. Fremont fire lookout, so you could enjoy scenic view once the run is over.