5 ways meditation can help your workouts

Photo by Lua Valentia on Unsplash

Meditation is the trend nowadays! Everywhere we look we hear how experts tell us to meditate to prevent stress and over-eating. But there is one problem: What if you have no time? Most of us are only able to cut out an hour or less to work out, so we usually take a pass. That’s about to change, now that the pros have found new ways to include the practice into your daily fitness routine.

Here are some ways meditation can help your workouts: 

It keeps you focused on your workouts

Ever find yourself halfway through a routine, only to realize you have no idea what moves you’ve been pulling for the last five minutes? Meditation can help that by keeping you in the moment, instead of letting the mind wander and think about other things. When you go into any workout, you have a lot of work and family things going on, and as tough as it is you need to leave the problems at the door. 

Teaches You When to Push Harder…and When to Back Off

Meditation makes you aware of everything – when you are able to push harder and when you need to back off. It’s interesting because exhaustion can sometimes be misunderstood as laziness or lack of willpower – but when you are in tune with your body, you are able to recognize when you are being lazy and when you are truly tired. Meditation allows us to be an unbiased observer.

It Can Help Prevent Injury

Instead of running through the moves and trying to squeeze in as many reps as possible, workout out after meditation helps slow things down so you can perform the exercise with proper form throughout and prevent getting injured. 

It helps you focus on your breathing

You would think breathing would come naturally, especially during a workout. But it’s surprising how many people breathe incorrectly or forget to breathe as the workout routine progresses. With meditation, you can focus on a steady, rhythmic inhale and exhale as you perform the exercise, which can help you keep your pace up.