6 best exercises for better and strong arm

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

You might have toned your body to bring every inch of your muscle in shape. Training for better and smart arms always provides an enhanced posture to your body.

To build those arms strong, you need to indulge in heavyweights, compound movements, vigorous exercising and good technique.

Here, we present you some of the most effective weight lifting exercises through which you can build your arms, thighs, biceps, and forearms while giving them a good shape.

1. Close grip bench press: you can use big weights here and increase them slowly after each set.
2. EZ barbell curl: EZ position puts your wrists and elbows in a natural position as compared to straight bell.
3. Triceps dips: use narrow grips and build triceps by not letting your shoulders drop below your elbows.
4. Seated dumbbell curls: used to do more sets with less weight. Perfect for biceps.
5. Triceps extension with dumbbell: a great finishing exercise to keep the blood rush on. Done with lower weight.
6. Close grip chin ups: close grip chin ups focus more on biceps than the back. It is a great exercise for all over the body.