Acupuncturist or Chiropractor for Back Pain?

If you’re suffering from miscellaneous back pain and are struggling to carry out your daily duties, this can be a very distressing and lonely time. People will look anywhere for a fix.


There has been much controversy over the legitimacy and effectiveness of acupuncture in treating back pain. Acupuncture works by gently inserting needles into special pressure points known as meridians. We have meridians all over our bodies and each one controls a region of local nerves.

Many people swear by acupuncture. It is well documented that there is around a 60% success rate in treating back pain. However, studies have shown that acupuncture is most effective at treating pain or muscle spasm, not bone. If the underlying cause of your back pain is bone or joint-related, then a chiropractor is a better option. Acupuncture might help with the pain but not address the underlying issue.


Chiropractors are joint specialists. If your back pain is caused by a slipped disc or spinal torsion, they will be able to rectify the problem.

Probably the best advice is: see both. If you see a chiropractor alone, they will sort out the problem, but prescribe you medication for the pain. This medication can itself cause harm. It is therefore preferable to have acupuncture treatment for the pain while undergoing treatment from a chiropractor.