Believe It or Not, Coffee Can Actually Lower Your Blood Pressure

Sipping coffee
Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

Coffee gets a pretty poor rap when it comes to health. As much as people may rely on the elixir to start their day, that first cup of caffeine seems to be where coffee’s good reputation begins and ends. 

Drinking any more of the rich, roasted beans throughout the day has been frowned upon. Until now. 

According to a new study, coffee can actually lower your blood pressure. Yes, you read that right, we said lower.

For some individuals, two or three cups of coffee can cause a caffeine overload, resulting in a few jitters. The drink has also been linked to high cholesterol and heart disease. 

But, the study done in Italy has found otherwise.

The Brisighella Heart Study (BHS) was initiated in 1972 and involves the rural population of the small town in Northern Italy. 720 men and 783 women recorded data about their daily coffee consumption, with researchers then examining the information in relation to blood pressure.

27% drank one cup of coffee per day, compared to 48.3% who drink two. The figure shrunk to 6.6% when it came to drinking three cups. 3.5% consumed more than this in a day, while 14.6% did not drink coffee on a regular basis. 

It was found that the blood pressure of those who drank two cups of coffee a day, or more than three, had much lower systolic blood pressure than those who refrained. 

Sounds like a good reason to have another cup.