Benefits to Using an Ice-Roller in Your Morning Routine 

Photo by Pixabay

With many celebrities coming out with their beauty and skincare brands, knowing the best product and routine to use can be overwhelming. However, after a viral TikTok video of Bella Hadid planting her face in a bowl full of water and ice, many started to hop on the trend. It turns out that ice can be extremely beneficial for skin health and beauty. Here are some reasons to start using ice as part of your morning routine. 

Eliminate Puffiness

Using an ice roller as part of your morning routine can help eliminate any puffiness in your eyes, cheeks, and neck and any redness. Using an ice roller is similar to getting a lymphatic massage but in the comfort of your own home. While it may be an icy and uncomfortable thing to get used to initially, the benefits will come shortly after. Ice rolling helps with blood flow, promoting draining fluid in your face. 

Reduce and Recover

It is also beneficial if you are looking to reduce inflammation in your face; if you have a pesky pimple that won’t go away, an ice roller is the best to help your skin recover. The combination of blood flowing and the cold application will soothe your skin, reduce redness and increase the speed of recovery.