Best Equipment for Weighted Workouts

When it comes to fitness, the argument between doing cardiovascular activity and lifting weights appears to be an endless debate. Still, what some people might not realize is that when it comes to fitness, both are needed if you wish to be holistic. Fortunately, by using the right equipment, you can do both at the same time. Here is some of the best equipment for weighted workouts so that you can build fitness and muscle at the same time.

TRX Duraballistic Weight Vest

Available at either 10 pounds, 20 pounds, or 40 pounds, this TRX vest is perfect if you’re looking to lift a heavy load while completing your gym routine. Due to its high-density foam and cross-strap design, this vest is secure and comfortable, remaining firmly in place throughout your workout no matter what movements you perform.

Bala Bangles

These adjustable weights wrap perfectly around your ankles, adding an extra challenge to any workout. What’s more, they’re water resistant, making them ideal for aquatic workouts as well.

Bellabooty Belt

If there’s one gut-busting workout that will strengthen and condition your core, it’s hip thrusts. But even if challenging at first, hip thrusts will get easier over time as you get used to them. Enter the Bellabooty Belt, a weight belt that will ensure that you get an extra sweat in your next core workout.