Best Exercises for Eye Health

Eye health is vital. Not only can healthy eyes improve your sporting abilities, but they can also enhance overall health levels. With so many of us spending our days looking at computer screens, mobile phones, or printed documents, these activities put a lot of strain on our eyes. The World Health Organisation has stated that around 80% of visual impairment worldwide is avoidable. Try these four simple eye exercises daily for enhanced eye health.

Eye Roll

Sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed and look ahead. Then look to your right and roll your eyes up to the top, to the left, down, and back to the resting position. Try to repeat this exercise 10 times daily.

Eye Press

Sit up straight, inhale deeply, close your eyes and gently press them with all your fingers for 10 seconds. Slowly open them again and let them come into focus. Then repeat the process 10 times for the best eye relief.


Rub both of your hands together until the friction has made them nice and warm. Then close your eyes and place the warm palms over them so that they gently warm your eyes.

The Reset

Close your eyes and stare into the darkness. Then cup your hands over your closed eyes and you will notice they will go even darker. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds for the best results. This will reset your eyes as they start afresh.