Best Pilates Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Lower back pain is a very common health condition nowadays, and it’s often linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Regular physical activity can help relieve or prevent lower back pain, so here are the best pilates exercises that can help you get rid of this pain, or even avoid it altogether.

Plank Singles

To improve posture and get rid of back pain we must have strong abdominal muscles. That’s why plank and its variations like plank singles can help engage ab muscles and relieve lower back pain.

Shoulder Bridges

This exercise is good for relieving chronic back pain because it can help engage and strengthen pelvic floor muscles that are often neglected.


Just like the name suggests, this is an exercise that mimics swimming moves and is great for improving posture and strengthening all your back muscles.

Single-Leg Lifts

This is a simple exercise, perfect for people suffering from severe back pain. Lie on your back and lift one leg in the air while the other one is bent and the foot is on the mat.

Side Band

This exercise is a bit more advanced because you’ll need to support your entire body with only one arm and feet. However, it’s a great way to work a variety of muscles, including abs, shoulder, and back.