Best Strength-Training Exercises For Weight Loss

Strength training
Photo by Sergio Pedemonte on Unsplash

Strength training is usually associated with building muscles and toning the body, not so much with weight loss. But the truth is that some strength training exercises are actually great for torching calories and losing weight, and here are some of the best to add to your routine.


Squats are one of the most beloved exercises among fitness trainers because this move is great for toning the lower body but also for burning calories. Squats are great for losing weight because they’re good for activating multiple muscles and you can make them even more effective by using weights.


This dynamic move is excellent for building strength and toning your entire body all the way from leg muscles to your core. But deadlifts are even more powerful than people usually think because they’re also great for torching calories and losing weight.


Like squats, lunges are also a popular lower body exercise that can help you strengthen and tone your legs, but it’s also great for boosting metabolism and burning fat.


This dynamic move is ideal for torching calories because it activates multiple muscle groups like the core, legs, and glutes and is great for increasing heart rate.