Best Ways to Set Realistic Goals With Your Fitness Routine

Working out
Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash

The first step of starting your fitness journey is to set goals that you’re trying to achieve, but it’s extremely important to be realistic when coming up with them. These three useful tips will help you set realistic goals that you can achieve.

Fitness Level

Before setting your fitness goals, start from where you are right now and try to determine your fitness level. Working out three times a week may feel like a joke to a pro, but you may struggle with it if you’re a beginner and that’s why you shouldn’t punch above your weight when setting your goals.

No Comparisons

Most people compare themselves to others at the start of their fitness journey and try to copy routines by their favorite celebrities and fitness influencers. This is a fruitless effort because we’re all different. Following the same routine won’t lead to the same results and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for it.

Test Run

If you’re thinking of using certain equipment pieces and embracing some fitness trends just because they’re popular, give them a try before going all-in. Just because Peloton and mini trampolines are trendy, doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for you. You won’t feel like a failure if you determine this at the beginning of your fitness journey.