Best Yoga Apps To Get Into This Year

Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

Fitness apps are a useful tool to find workout motivation and track your progress. But since there are so many amazing apps available in the store, it’s hard to decide which one will fit our needs. Here are some of the best yoga apps you can download to improve your yoga practice.

Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is one of the most popular yoga apps that can help you make yoga practice part of your daily routine. With more than 70 yoga programs, this app is perfect for both advanced yogis and people who still need to learn the basics of yoga.

5 Minute Yoga

People who have a busy schedule usually struggle to find time for exercising, but this app can help solve this problem. In case you only have a few minutes to spare in a day, make them count and use this app to do five different yoga postures in only five minutes.

Yoga Workout

With a variety of quality 3D videos, Yoga Workout is the perfect app for improving yoga practice and tracking your progress along the way.


This is another popular and useful app that offers more than 8000 yoga workouts, and it can be particularly interesting for yogis who want to focus more on mindfulness and spirituality.