Brushing Your Hair Will Give Your Scalp More Life

Brushing your hair is a practice that men and women do to make it look like they didn’t roll out of bed first thing in the morning. It’s also great for stimulating the roots of your hair to make them grow longer and healthier.

It all comes down to what kind of brush you’re using to get luscious and silky hair. Generic brushes found in convenience stores can cause more damage than benefits to your hair. Also, using synthetic bristles can cause more friction on the hair causing the hair to fall out quicker. For hair that looks beautiful for weeks on end, keep a regular beauty regime of upkeeping your hair.

Detangle First

Before brushing your hair, make sure to detangle it so you won’t be ripping out the hairs. Often times when brushing hair, we can be quite rushed. Taking time to detangle your hair will make the brushing experience much easier.

The Right Brush

The right brush to use is one that has natural bristles. Boar bristle brushes are considered the best kind for your hair since they’re gentle enough not to cause any additional breakage. It also leaves your hair looking more shiny and baby soft to the touch.

Incorporate a Scalp Massage

In addition to using your regular boar bristle brush, try doing a scalp massage to stimulate your sebaceous glands. This method gives your head more circulation which means there’s more blood flowing to your head. This, in turn, will help your hair grow faster. Just make sure to be gentle on your scalp when you massage it. Yes, even your head needs a good massage every now and then.