Can Working Out Make You Feel Bloated?

Photo by Stage 7 Photography on Unsplash

The body is quite extraordinary, it can go through so many things in just one day. If you ever noticed that you feel very bloated after a workout, there is a solid reason for that too.

Feeling full right after you’ve finished with your daily dose of fitness activities is not the feeling you want. If you’ve been struggling to understand what causes you to notice these symptoms, maybe we can help you understand.

First, let’s clear things up. Working out will not make your stomach bigger. But, there are several other factors and habits of yours that you do before a training session that might.

One of the most common mistakes that people do is not breathing properly. Learn to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. If you take gulps of air, it will accumulate in the stomach. Another thing you want to avoid is eating right before you work out.

Whenever you feel uneasy, stretch. Light stretches can activate the digestive system and help with the symptoms. Make sure that you track what you eat on the days when you feel bloated. You will discover which foods are causing you problems.