Can You Build Muscle With Barre Workouts?

Women doing barre fitness
Image via Jim_Filim/Depositphotos

Most people turn to strength workouts that use equipment like dumbbells and barbells to build muscle. Barre is usually not one of the workouts they consider doing to get stronger since it uses little to no weights or your bodyweight. The movements are done with a stationary bar and they’re not explosive like weight lifting is. But even though you’ll feel the burn after barre workouts, can you build muscle with them?

What’s a Barre Workout?

Barre is a combination of Pilates and ballet. The workout is low-impact and you don’t have to be a trained dancer to do it. The idea of barre workouts is to help with balance, toning, core strength, and lengthening. In the workouts, the range of motion is shorter to fatigue the targeted muscle groups and strengthen the muscles.

Does Barre Build Muscle?

Most barre classes use a barre or chair for balance. They usually use your own bodyweight and sometimes they incorporate light free weights. Instead of bulking up as you may with heavier weights, you’ll tone and strengthen your muscles. In addition to strengthening muscles, with barre, you’ll have better physical and mental awareness of your body.