Is Equinox Worth the Hefty Price?

Equinox Hudson Yards, Hudson Yards, New York, USA
Photo by Pontus Wellgraf on Unsplash

If you live in New York City and are wondering its worth jumping on the Equinox bandwagon and splurging on one of their $200-300 gym memberships, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help you decide whether it’s a yes or no based on your lifestyle.

Gym Classes

If you love gym classes, and plan on going to the many world class trainer led classes taught at Equinox, then the membership may just be right for you. Compared to other gyms such as Crunch, NYSC, and Blink, the quality, space, equipment, amount of classes led per day, makes equinox worth the price. If you were to crunch the numbers and pick one gym, such as Soul Cycle or Rumble, and pay $40 a class, the membership may just end up paying for itself. However if you plan on just going for the bare bones gym equipment, you can probably find equally decent gyms for a fraction of the price.


Equinox is famous for its world class spa amenities including refrigerated Eucalyptus towels, hot tubs, saunas, and steam rooms, that make the gym feel like a spa every day. The showers also have excellent skin care products, and soap, that make showering there, quite possibly more luxuriating than your apartment’s shower. For this reason, if you were to use the spa amenities three times a week, the price is equal to a spa day at a fancy spa. To us, that sounds like a bargain.


Equinox is also an attractive option to city dwellers, because of all their convenient locations, that make going to the gym after work or early in the morning. If you have the membership that grants you access to multiple locations, some locations have a rock wall, basketball court, and a pool, making it sports lovers paradise.