Caroline Girvan Will Help You Fall in Love with HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts established themselves as the No. 1 fitness trend in the last few years, but it can be tough to get into them if you’ve never given them a shot before. If you’re thinking of trying them from the comfort of your home, Caroline Girvan’s YouTube channel is a great source of inspiration.

Girvan is a certified personal trainer, who has experience with many different aspects of fitness. She ran marathons across the globe and took part in Ironman and triathlons, and the main goal of her channel is “helping people be informed, grow and excel in their training.”

Girvan’s workouts are focused on building a strong and balanced body, and many of them fall under the category of high-intensity training. Her workouts aren’t always easy to get through, but you can find HIIT videos of different length on her channel, and opt for shorter ones if you’re still a beginner.

What we like the most about Girvan’s workouts it that she always takes a moment to explain what to expect of each video. Despite their intensity, her workouts are extremely easy to follow since she’s demonstrating each exercise, and you can follow the timer on the screen.