Celebs are Training Their Vocals and Muscles by Singing While Working Out

Lizzo at the 47th Annual American Music Awards. Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock (10484290ho)

When it comes to exercising, there always seems to be a new and improved way to do it. And celebrities have found a way to train both their vocals and their muscles by running on a treadmill and singing at the same time. Trust us when we say it’s just as impressive as it sounds. If you thought running was difficult, can you imagine doing it while keeping a tune? These celebrities prove it’s possible. Check out three stars who have tried this new, impressive workout.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was the first to start the trend by prepping for her Super Bowl LV TikTok Tailgate performance. Leading up to her performance, she shared two videos of her belting out her songs “Plastic Hearts” and “Angels Like You” and “Rebel Girl” by the band Bikini Kill.


After seeing Miley killing the workout, the 32-year-old Truth Hurts singer decided to give it a go by running on the treadmill singing “Cuz I Love You”. “I’m doing this for all the big girls out there…They said we couldn’t do it!”, Lizzo says in the video.

Alicia Keys

Lizzo wasn’t the only singer to try the workout. Alicia Keys put her own spin on it, posting a video singing “Superwoman” while riding her bike. “I saw Miley. I saw Lizzo. And we are superwomen, so I figured, let me try this thing,” Keys says in the video.