Check Out How Anna Saccone Stays in Shape After Having Four Kids

Anna Saccone Joly is a well-known name in the YouTube community. She and her husband Jonathan have been vlogging their life for a decade, while Anna also has her own personal blog and YouTube channel where she shares beauty, lifestyle, and fitness tips. She is a mom to four little ones; Emilia, Eduardo, Alessia, and Andrea, and has been doing many postpartum workout videos. This time, she shares her updated workout routine.

“My workouts are simple, short and require no equipment,” Saccone Joly shared on her personal blog. “You can do them at home (I normally do them early in the morning when everyone else is asleep in my underwear, lol!) and they only take 7 minutes! Although I repeat the workout twice more…so my routine is about 20 minutes. But this is still doable, even if you’re a busy mum or have a hectic schedule.”

Scroll down and check out her 7-minute workout routine!